Lessons from a House Fly

As my son and I ate breakfast one morning, he turned suddenly to me and asked, “What’s that buzzing sound?”  Detecting nothing out of the ordinary, I replied that it was just the fridge humming in the background.  He disagreed, curiously raised the blinds on a nearby window, and pointed to a small fly buzzing desperately around the window pane.  Surprised at my son’s keen hearing, I set on a plan to gently direct the fly toward the great outdoors.  Having my son open the door, I hoped the fly would sense the fresh air and allow me to coax him toward it.  “Come on, little fly,” I said, swiping gently with a small magazine, trying not to crush him.  “Be free!”  Afraid, the fly repeatedly resisted my attempts to free him, climbing higher and higher to escape my grasp.  Despite my good intentions and gentle words, I could not convince him that I was working for his good.  Finally, I gave up trying.  My then 9 year old chimed in, “Fine; if he wants to die, he wants to die!”  I reluctantly agreed and added, “Maybe he’ll get tired of trying to fly through the window and be willing to go with my plan later.”

As the words left my lips, I felt God show me that I am often like that little fly.  So many times, I am on my window, flying repeatedly into it, trying different angles, convinced I am heading in the right direction.  From my view, the goal is directly in front of me!  Yet in reality, I am just banging my head against an immovable surface.  All the while, the Father is behind me, trying to guide me ever-so-gently, pointing me toward the door He knows I should go through.  He is faithfully working on my behalf, yet I resist His nudging and insist on pursuing what looks like the way out from my fly-eyed viewpoint.  I wonder how often God says of me, “Maybe, if I give her time, she will tire of her plan and be ready to try it My way.”

As we begin a new year, is there an area where God is trying to gently move you in a new direction?

“Your own ears will hear him.  Right behind you a voice will say, ‘This is the way you should go,’ whether to the right or to the left.”  Isaiah 30:21 NLT

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  1. Great wisdom comes great knowledge. No sure why I said that as it sounds more like yoda. Anyway I like your first blog. ????

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