A Manifesto for Home

This post was inspired by the Jeff Goins Blog Like a Pro: 7-Day Challenge.  Click here to join – it’s not too late.

Yesterday I was challenged to get serious about who I am and what I believe, and then declare it in the form of a manifesto.  Sounds easy enough – until you try it, that is!  As a writer, I find it easy to generate a flow of words, the more flowery the better, to communicate an idea.  What is much harder but oh-so-essential in being an EFFECTIVE writer is chiseling your message down to the one main idea you are trying to communicate.  No matter how skilled one is with words, the message is lost without clarity.

This blog represents the topics I care most deeply about.  When I began the manifesto challenge, I had a very hard time condensing what I believe about “home” into a concise statement.  As a perfectionist, this drove me nuts! But as I stuck with the process, clarity eventually emerged.  What I have learned from this exercise is that, the more emotionally invested you are in a topic, the harder it is to get clarity on it.  It takes time and space to let your thoughts “breathe” so that the really important pieces rise to the surface.  A valuable exercise for any person with a message to share!

So without further ado, here is a statement of what matters most to me about home… what this blog is all about.

Question:  What would you add to this list?

PFH Manifesto

2 thoughts on “A Manifesto for Home

    1. Hi Janet. Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I believe that home is first and foremost a refuge for those who live there. It takes hard work to make it that way, but it is so worth it.

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